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Track listing:

1 - Lost
2 - I Paint The Ugliest Pictures
3 - Along For The Ride
4 - Hope You Feel Ok
5 - After I Fall
6 - Mr. H
7 - Story’s Song


- Produced and Engineered by Jon Heisserer
- Mixed by Justin Peacock
- Mastered by Brian Gardener
- Drums by Joe Meyer
- Drums Engineered by Jason McEntire and Jacob Detering
- Piano on "Hope You Feel Ok" Engineered by Jacob Detering
- Piano on "After I Fall" Engineered by Jason McEntire
- Artwork by Christopher S. Dailey
*Drums for "After I Fall" by Tony Barbara
*Additional String Arrangements for "Hope You Feel Ok" "After I Fall" and "Story's Song" by David Toretta

Additional performances by: Greg Clark (Guitar Lead), Jason Sneed (Vocals), Tom Butler (Vocals), Brian Jenkins (Guitar Lead), Abbie Steiling (Violin), Eric O’Brian (Vocals), Brandon House (Vocals), John Gore (Piano), Dave Grelle (Piano), Daniel Bess (Keyboards), Dave Aholt (Piano), Christopher Volker (Violin and Viola)

Dedicated to Jim Story, Steve Ferris, and Mary Bach

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Album Notes:

This is a compilation of songs I wrote and recorded between 2012 and 2014.  I sat on it for a while for a few reasons and finally decided to put it out in 2016.  After Building Rome broke up in 2010 I quit music for over a year and slowly started writing again in late 2011 early 2012.  I decided that I was going to write and produce my own record.  So I did.  I guess it's sort of an E.P.  I didn't want it to be like Building Rome because I felt like I went there once and didn't need to rehash that style.  So this was me trying to find my new sound.  In 2015 I started writing a follow up to this and I decided that while this album might not be exactly where I'm at right now, I wanted to put it out there.

All proceeds from Story's Song will go directly to the ALS foundation and all proceeds from "Hope You Feel Ok" will be donated to a charity (not sure which one yet) in Steve Ferris's name. 

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